Update Slideshow Image Send Print
  1. Login to Admin Panel (http://www.<yourdomain>.com/administrator)
  2. Top Menu > Components > Gavick PhotoSlide GK2
  3. This will list out all Slideshow (Slide Group), click the target Group Name to edit it:
  4. This will list out All "Slide" in the Group:
    • #1 - If you want to update "Image" in the slide, you have to delete the old Slide, then create a new Slide. To DELETE a slide, follow below steps....
    • #2 - Press "Delete" to delete checked slide, then follow this guide to create a new slide.
      #b - If you don't want to delete the slide, you can "Unpublish" it, so that you can "Publish" it again in future. You can simply press "Green Tick" to unpublish it, or vice versa.
Last Update (Wednesday, 07 September 2011)